Inforib Revenue Program Review: Make N10,000 Weekly

Inforib Revenue Program Review: Make N10,000 Weekly

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? Then inforib revenue program should be good for you, especially if you don't have money to invest. 

90% of income programs nowadays demand for registration fee before you can earn a dime. Inforib isn't like that, you earn money on Inforib revenue program without registration fee. 

In fact, after registration Inforib revenue program will credit your account with N1000 for a start. I believe some income sites don't those this, even if they did it they will demand for registration fee. 

Inforib doesn't ask for registration fee and you will still be credited with N1000. I hope this is amazing, right? 

Let's look into what's Inforib revenue program like, the owner, the site legitimacy, and more essential things to know. 

What's Inforib Revenue Program? 

Inforib is an information hub that covers everything related to technology, fashion, history, biography, business, education, culture, and many more. 

The site has various categories where every member can write about and earn from your articles. 

Inforib was founded by Ifiokobong Ibanga, the CEO and the founder of 

How Legit is Inforib Revenue Program? 

Inforib revenue program is owned by one of the best blogger in Nigeria – Ifiokobong Ibanga. The owner has a lot of experience in the internet. 

Moreover, you have nothing to lose on Inforib. Since you didn't pay for registration and you are the one that is getting paid, then there is nothing to fear even if the site shutdown. 

How Does Inforib Revenue Program Works? 

You'll get a sign up bonus after registration on Inforib, you also earn by partaking in others activities. 

Some of the activities to earn on Inforib revenue program are;

  • Sign up bonus is N1000/N500
  • You'll be rewarded with N200 - N1000 when you submit or publish article
  • You'll get N50 per each friend you refer
  • You get N20 when you login daily
  • You get N10 per honest comment
  • You get N10 per each question you asked
  • You get N2 per each question you view
  • You get N5 per each blog article you view

If you can try to submit 10 articles per day, you'll definitely get N2,000 each day. 

There is rule to submission of articles on Inforib revenue program. 

The rule is simple;

Your article must be at least 800 words and free from plagiarism. 

How To Sign Up On Inforib Revenue Program

  • To register on Inforib, Join Here (the registration is free) 
  • Switch to sign up option as shown below
  • Fill the form
  • Check the I'm not a robot
  • Check the terms of service
  • Hit the Sign up button. You're done

You can start referring someone to the revenue program or you submit article(s). 

How To Withdraw Your Earnings on Inforib Revenue Program

After you have earned the minimum payout which is N5,000. Then you can contact Inforib support for cash out. mail them, title it Inforib Cash Out. 


Inforib is a good revenue program, but it's much better for writers to earn than anyone else. Inforib revenue program pays writers than commenting, viewing post or questions. 

I hope you like Inforib revenue program review, let's know in the comment section below. You can ask any questions if you're confused. 


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